Read this and then take the test. Good Luck.

The questions that appear on pilot and flight instructor knowledge tests are taken from the test question data banks maintained by the FAA, which can be downloaded from their web sites. The answers are not provided. However, each question has an associated subject matter knowledge code, which in turn, is related to a reference document that the FAA considers the authoritative source of the information needed to answer the question correctly.

The questions have three possible answers, so to find the correct answer, you must search the reference document. Although the FAA does not advocate trick questions, they do sometimes supply three "correct" answers and ask that you pick the "best." That often requires that words be found in the reference document that match those in the question and/or possible answers. That is not an easy task; hence the exorbitant cost of this study guide. The problem is further complicated by questions that are answered in an earlier version of the reference document, but not in the current one.

Separate files exist for private, commercial and flight instructor questions, but they are not segregated by aircraft category. In order to limit the questions used here to gliders, those that referred to any other category of aircraft were eliminated. Also eliminated were questions related to instrument flight, engines and propellers. Radio navigation is included because such questions do appear on glider tests, although the author has never seen a VOR or ADF in a glider except a motor glider. The explanation for why engine and propeller questions do not appear on glider knowledge tests is that they will be covered on the practical test. Go figure.

You may choose any of the four sets of questions and answers shown below. When you do, you will see the screen divided into two areas. Initially, the top part of the screen will present a menu of subject matter categories from which you may select in any order you prefer. When you have selected a category you will then see the first question in that category in the upper area, along with its three possible answers. If you select the correct answer you will then see one FAA reference that justifies that answer in the lower area of the screen. In some cases, the question will refer you to a figure. When you click on the figure reference, the figure will appear in the lower screen area. It will be replaced by the answer reference when you answer the question. Just in case you answer a question incorrectly, words to that effect will appear in the lower section instead of the answer reference. At any time that a question is displayed in the upper area, you may choose to see the next question, the next category, return to the menu, or return to this page.

The upper and lower screen areas are set to display most of the questions and answers without adjustment. You can scroll both areas to see more than is visible initially, if necessary. When you do, you will find it easier to use the scroll arrows, because the scroll box is too sensitive. In some cases you may want to enlarge one area at the expense of the other. That could occur when you want to see more of a figure at one time. You can do this by dragging the border between the areas, using the little double arrow that appears when you have placed the cursor on the border. You can also print the figure by right clicking on the actual figure (not the link to the figure), and then select "Print Figure".

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